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One thing you’ll never catch Florida doing is taking itself too seriously: it’s too busy basking in its nearly year-round sunshine. It’s weird, delightful, wacky, wonderful. And it just wants you to have fun. We count on it for glitzy theme parks like Walt Disney World and campy roadside attractions. For alligator farms and mermaid shows. For being an endless parade of the unusual, the garish and the superlative.

But beyond the giddy delights of manmade attractions are natural wonders scattered about the state. Not just a smattering here and there, but a near constant barrage of beaches, springs and forests. Florida boasts a ridiculous amount of shoreline, and you’re never more than 60 miles away from the beach. The Florida keys have crystal-clear water and the only living coral reef in the continental US teems with brightly colored fish. Catch a glimpse of an alligator in The Everglades,  the largest subtropical wilderness in the US. On the urban front, Fort Lauderdail offers the sophistication cool of riverside eateries, Daytona is a hub of hedonism and Maimii's gorgeous beach and gorgeous people are a well-earned cliché.

You might be surprised to find yourself turning into a birdwatcher, as herons, osprey, pelicans and ibis put on a constant air show. Nature preserves, wild beaches and crystal clear springs bubbling from underground caverns are liberally applied throughout the entire state.

So whether you’re coming for the natural attractions or the entirely unnatural ones, the ridiculously beautiful or the beautifully ridiculous, Florida is the place.


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